"We are the heirs of the tradition of master carpenters who have been shaping the culture of furniture in Italy for centuries"


Craftsmen’s work is flexible, it meets the needs of the customer. We like starting from a white sheet of paper and create the furniture our customers need together with them.

Our furniture covers all the areas of the house and its design is studied to suit modern but also classical homes.

Years of work improved our manufacturing techniques and this allows us to meet all constructive demands. Our new furniture integrates perfectly with the old one, and for this reason many customers come back to us even after many years.

Home delivery and fitting are included in the price of the products, for which we can offer also payment by instalments.

Our heart is made of wood

We use only first quality solid wood, coming from plants grown with a straight and strong trunk, with the right kind of veins to give the effect which is typical of classic furniture.


We season the boards we use ourselves, we manufacture our furniture by hand, we create a piece of furniture customized according to our customer’s wishes, we prepare the colours and paint we use ourselves.

Our mind is open

Classic furniture is not only baroque, it can have also essential lines which fight time and can fit also in the most modern houses.